// News, updates, and other stuff...: February 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Life over that past 1.5 years...

So... I am pretty sure that by now nobody ever reads my blog. Unlike Tim, who has faithful readers. Again I don't have alot of time. (It's Friday... Enough said.) But in the few minutes I have, let us see what we can share...

My cousin Gayle got married on Sept. 6, 2009. It was a nice wedding in San Diego. Hot, but nice. Wouldn't you know it... The one day we have her out door wedding over looking the Pacific Ocean it was hot and there was barely a breeze to cool us off. But it was a beautiful wedding.

I now have more family here in the states. By now, three have moved here. Yay! Just waiting for the rest.

Sad note here. My mom's aunt passed away this past sunday. Yup, on Feb. 14. It's a sad time for my family and extended family. I ask that you please pray for us.

Tim and Sunny moved out of Loma Linda after Tim graduated from Med school. They are now in Ohio where he is a resident at Kettering. They were able to visit us a couple of weeks ago and it was really good to see them. Of course I got to see them at GYC... Don't be strangers out here guys!!

The McNulty's are also gone. Norman's defferred mission appointee service finally came up. They left on Feb. 1. Soon they will be on their way to Trinidad where Norman will be serving in the mission field for six years. I really wonder how much of a tan he will get by living so close to the equator... :-)

GYC 2009: unASHAMED! -- GYC 2009 was in Louisvile, KY. I was so blessed to be able to go. How I made it out there was a series of miracles. I was blessed by the meetings, blessed by the fellowship, and blessed by helping AudioVerse get everything recorded. Almost everything is now up on the main site where anybody can LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD ALL FOR FREE all the recordings from GYC 2009! Next year: Baltimore, Maryland!

Restoration -- Restoration was good and is gonna be good. WAS GOOD: For the first time, Restoration had meetings on campus back in October and it was good! Dr. Michael Hasel shared some really neat stuff on Archaeology and the Bible. You should listen to them if you can on AudioVerse.
GONNA BE GOOD: Restoration is going to be having their annual long series of meetings next week here at LLU. The speaker is Jeffrey Rosario. "Questions I'd Like to Ask God" is the theme. For those who can make it please come! www.RestorationMinistry.net has all of the details.

Advent HOPE -- At the end of the 2008-2009 school year Advent HOPE needed a new place to call home as Burden Hall was about to undergo some renovations. We have been blessed to be at the Loma Linda University Church Campus Chapel. It has been nice there, except for the space. Almost every Sabbath we would have people standing in the back and sides. Praise God! Starting tomorrow morning, we will be at the Damazo Amphitheater at the Centennial Complex. It seats 350, which is a big jump from a seating capacity of 250. Tomorrow's speaker is Dr. Eric Walsh. It's gonna be good.

Other stuff
Earthquakes -- We have been having a lot of small ones over the past week. Way more than is usual. Well, better lots of small ones than a massive one, right??

Well, it's time to go. I wish everone a very blessed Sabbath!

"Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy..."
--Exodus 20:8