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Friday, September 07, 2007

September 7, 2007

If you look at the date of my last post that I actually posted (and not just left as a draft that was unposted), then you will realize that my blog was on a brief hiatus. Not for any good reason like Tim, who has been through so much with school and other things. My last post with details of life was way back at the end of May. Yikes! So here we go....

Southwest Youth Conference 2007
This was a blessing. All I can say right now is that everyone, and I MEAN EVERYONE, needs to make plans to attend SWYC 2008 (if the LORD does not come first)!!!!! The sermons were good, and it was really nice to be in the mountains. If you could not make it, do not despair! All of the sermons will be posted on Audioverse.org soon. There was a lot of good stuff. But please be patient. The people who recorded the sermons and Q&A session need time to edit them and fix them for audio problems. They have a lot of work. Thanks

GYC 2007
GYC now has a new name. It used to mean General Youth Conference. Now it stands for Generation of Youth for Christ. Don't worry. It is still the same thing, just a new name. Please plan on making it this year. It will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota this year, so please plan for snow and cold. Registration is now open.

Operation Global Rain--360
Operation Global Rain was this past late June and early July. It was good. At SWYC, I found out that next year it will have a new twist. It is called OGR 360. Visit www.operationglobalrain.com to find out more.

My cousin Lyn got engaged a little while back. Congrats Ate! May God bless the two of you as you move on from here into marriage!

I found out a couple of weeks ago that my cousin Dennis, who got married at the end of this past April, is now waiting for his first child. I have not heard if a boy is on the way or a girl. We shall soon see...

Mark is getting rebaptized tomorrow morning in Fontana. Praise the LORD!!! God's blessings to you Mark.

Norman and Joelle got married. Curtis and Janine got married. There are three couples at Upland Indonesian SDA Church that I know that are getting married. "Me?" you ask... I will respond to that by saying, "Bachelorhood is fun (for me anyhow)".

Alistair got a new Mac. Congrats to Al. Tim bought a Dell. Condolences to Tim. Say Norman, if you are reading this, I know that you are the neurologist here, but if you are looking for a new computer, get a Mac. It will save you some mental stress in the future... Right Tim? But wait until at least October when the new operating system comes out. Watch out for Leopard!

Other Stuff...
CCBN. Creator's Call is moving along. We videotaped SWYC this year. It was the first time we filmed something using our road cases. They worked fine. Of course, with most things, improvements can be made. We do need alot of help. We need more volunteers. So if you are interested, or know of somebody that might be interested in helping with this video ministry, please visit www.creatorscall.org/.

With September now here, that means the fall term of school is upon us. Yay....... :/ But that means that with school comes the opportunity for us to make new friends and introduce more people to Christ. At SWYC, during the Q & A session, someone asked an interesting question. They asked if they should pretty much leave school and go into mission work since they are convicted that there is not much time left. The response of the panelists, I thought, was good. They said that we could be missionaries wherever we are. They also said that we should excel in our education, that way we people will trust us more seeing as we excel in our studies. Plus how can we be good missionaries in the mission field, if we can not be good students in school? I may have botched up their answers but listen to the Q&A session of SWYC and listen for yourself.

Well, the time has come to go. I wish everybody a very restful and blessed Sabbath!!!!!

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous light:"
I Peter 2:9


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